Fall Favorites: What to Do in Granada in October 2018

Granada takes on a special magic as the autumn chill arrives.

Summer crowds disperse and locals continue the rhythms of everyday life. Weather is pleasantly cool for the most part, allowing for plenty of terrace drinks and afternoon strolls before the more intense winter chill sets in. It’s a great time to experience local life—as well as many of the city’s most iconic monuments—at its finest. Plus, there’s plenty going on in and around the city, so you can get your fill of cultural activities. Here’s what to add to your agenda if you’re visiting Granada in October.

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Celebrate Spain’s national holiday

October 12 is one of the most important dates on the Spanish calendar. As Spain’s national holiday, it brings passionate celebrations all throughout the country. In Granada, one of the most historically significant cities in Spain, the festivities take on even greater meaning. Parades and processions wind through the streets all day long. Stick around in the evening for a flamenco gala to cap off this one-of-a-kind celebration.

Anyone who's visiting Granada in October should be sure to check out the festivities for Spain's national holiday on October 12!
Patriotic pride fills the streets during the October 12 parades. Photo credit: Camilo Rueda López

Discover the glamorous world of film noir

Calling all film buffs! If you’re visiting Granada in October, you definitely want to stop by Granada Noir. From September 28 until October 11, the glamorous world of film noir comes to life at this fascinating festival. The fourth edition this year promises to be more poignant than ever. A recurring theme will be the importance of a free press and honest journalism. Come take a unique look at modern society through the lens of one of cinema’s most stylish genres.

Explore the magical Alhambra

No matter what time of year you find yourself in Granada, you absolutely have to visit the Alhambra. (Really, though, it’s the most visited tourist attraction in Spain and our #1 must-see monument here in Granada!) However, Granada in October takes on an especially magical air, making it one of the best months to experience the Alhambra. Mildly cool temperatures coupled with bright sunshine and a fraction of the summer crowds provide the perfect environment for experiencing one of Spain’s most legendary sights.

If you're visiting Granada in October, you're in luck! Fall is one of the best times of year to visit the Alhambra.
A crisp fall day makes for a unique time to visit the Alhambra and experience the incredible views.

See a new side of Granada’s history at the Festival of Puppet Theater

You might not think of puppets as being an integral part of Granada’s artistic culture. However, puppet theater has a rich history here. 20th century contributions by local icons such as Federico García Lorca and Manuel de Falla helped propel this unique form of storytelling to the ranks of respected theater. The second annual Quiquiriquí Festival of Puppet Theater, scheduled for September 28 until October 7, will showcase elaborate and fascinating puppet shows performed by theater companies from six countries. It’ll certainly be one of the most unique things to experience in Granada in October. Theater fans will especially love the vibrant and colorful performances.

Devour delicious seasonal foods

Did you know that granada means “pomegranate” in Spanish? Now it probably won’t be surprising to learn that this juicy fall fruit is one of the city’s most important symbols! Be sure to try some of these delicious treats when visiting Granada in October (prime pomegranate season). They taste even better purchased fresh from a local market. In October, you’ll also start to see chestnut vendors hawking their autumn snacks on seemingly every street corner. Just follow the comforting fall scent of roasted chestnuts to the nearest cart and partake in an essential fall culinary tradition!

One thing that should definitely be on your bucket list for visiting Granada in October: eating a granada, or pomegranate, while they're in season!
We love the colorful produce at Granada’s markets—especially the delicious fall pomegranates! Photo credit: Marco Verch

If you’ll be in Granada in October, we’d love for you to join us on a food tour! Come step back in time on our Tapas, Taverns & History Tour. This two-in-one experience, perfect for history buffs and foodies alike, is especially great for a crisp October evening. Experience the best bites at four family-run tapas bars that locals know and love, and uncover Granada’s fascinating history along the way!

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