Public Transportation in Granada: How to Move Around Town

City buses are one of the most inexpensive and efficient means of public transportation in Granada.

Finding your way around a new city can be confusing, especially when everything is in a different language. Luckily, Granada couldn’t be easier to navigate! Once you arrive in town and get settled into your accommodations, it’s time to start exploring. You’ve got lots of options when it comes to public transportation in Granada. Here’s […]

Where to Enjoy Great Live Music in Granada

Enjoy amazing live music in Granada at nightclub Boogaclub!

You’ve had a great time exploring Granada—now it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy a show! As home to a unique local culture as well as a vibrant international crowd, Granada is full of diverse forms of entertainment any night of the week. And if there’s one universal pleasure, it might just be enjoying […]

Where to Find Amazing Craft Beer in Granada

Craft beer in Granada is easier and easier to find!

It used to be that if you wandered into any bar in Spain, you would only find one of the mass-produced beers on tap. Luckily for beer fans, that’s starting to change. The craft beer scene in Spain has grown massively over the past few years, particularly in Catalonia, but the trend is spreading to […]

Save Your Euros: 5 Things to Do in Granada For Free

Plaza de los Aljibes at the Alhambra is one of our favorite places to visit in Granada for free! You can't beat the views!

While Andalusia in general is a much-more budget friendly destination than other regions in Spain, paying to visit tons of sights and attractions can quickly add up. Sure, there are some paid attractions in Granada you can’t miss—the Alhambra being the most obvious—but sometimes you need to give your wallet a break. What’s more, many […]

Get to Know Your Guides: Marta Sánchez

Devour Granada City Manager Marta poses with a happy group during a food tour in Granada

Welcome to our Get to Know Your Guides blog series! In each post, we’ll chat with one of our talented Spain experts and tell you their story. After travelling (and eating) her way around Europe, there was only ever going to be one city that captured Marta Sánchez’s heart—her beloved hometown of Granada. Marta began […]

Where to Eat Early in Granada: 5 Local Favorites

Enjoy some of the best rice in town when you eat early in Granada at Loft Café!

One aspect of Spanish culture that usually shocks visitors are our late mealtimes here! Locals won’t eat lunch until 2 p.m. at the earliest, and their 6 p.m. “meal” is more like a late afternoon snack—dinner won’t be served until 9 or 10! Usually, we love encouraging visitors to try their best to adapt to […]

Granada’s Top 10 Bars: Our All-Time Favorites

The best bars in Granada are simple: sometimes house vermouth and quality cured meats are all you need!

In a city like Granada, where bar culture is an integral part of everyday life, narrowing down the best bars is a tall order. Stop five different granadinos on the street and ask them what their favorite bar in town is, and you’ll likely get five different answers. Despite its popularity among tourists, the city has been […]

Our Favorite Wine Tastings in Granada

One of our favorite wine bars in Granada is Casa Fuensanta. They also have delicious homemade tapas.

Granada’s relaxed atmosphere provides the perfect setting for enjoying wine! And while you’re at it, why not learn more about what you’re drinking? Granada is one of our favorite places to try a wine tasting! Its abundance of small, locally owned wine shops and wine bars mean that you’ll be getting a truly authentic experience. […]

7 Spectacular Places to Watch the Sunset in Granada

Catch the sunset in Granada from Sacromonte before heading to a flamenco show!

As evening falls over Granada, the city comes more alive than ever. The beautiful sunset hues highlighting the city’s beautiful buildings and monuments makes for a magical feeling. The sunset in Granada is one of the best in Europe, thanks to its many beautiful miradores and unique hidden corners. We’ve rounded up just a few of our […]

Stay Dry! 6 Things to Do in Granada When It’s Raining

In Granada when it's raining, warm up with some Arabic tea!

More often than not, Granada is blessed with the warm, sunny weather typical of southern Spain. Unfortunately, sometimes Mother Nature has other plans. The city averages just 50 rainy days per year, but what if one of those 50 days falls during your trip? It may seem like there’s nothing worse than getting caught in […]