Salud! Our 5 Must-Try Wine Bars in Granada

The Andalusian city of Granada is one of Spain’s most popular foodie destinations. However, the plentiful vineyards in the region mean it’s also an amazing place to enjoy typical Andalusian wine. Get comfortable in one of our five must-try wine bars in Granada and experience the delicious local vino.

Granada is a city where tapas bites come free with drinks and locals seem to spend all weekend eating outdoors. The small, local bars in the city are home to a whole host of delicious bites. But, why limit yourself to just the delicious local bites when there are beautiful wines to taste as well? Take note of these amazing wine bars in Granada and add them into your tapas route through the city!

Itching to try a selection of delicious Andalucian wines? Step into one of our favorite wine bars in Granada and enjoy some of the best vino in town!

1. Casa de Vinos La Brujidera

Located between the Realejo—the city’s old Jewish quarter—and the center, Casa de Vinos La Brujidera is a simple, unassuming place from the outside, with a few tables scattered along the sidewalk. Inside you’ll find a quaint wood-paneled bar, packed full of wine racks and odd wine-related knick-knacks. Also, you will see the extensive wine menu on small paper plaques hanging from the ceiling!

Address: Calle Monjas del Carmen, 2

With reds like these, both local and from other regions of Spain, Casa de Vinos La Brujederia is definitely one of the best wine bars in Granada
Wine is always better with good company!

2. Taberna La Tana

Hidden down a small cobbled side street, Taberna la Tana is one of the best wine bars in Granada, and one of the most popular, too. There’s always a crowd of people standing outside with glasses in their hands, so if you don’t manage to find a seat (which is quite likely), you can always enjoy your wine al fresco. Rustic and old fashioned, this bar is crammed with old wine barrels, shelves full of bottles and grape vines hanging from the ceiling.

Address: Placeta del Agua, 3

3. La Tabernilla del Darro

La Tabernilla del Darro is situated along one of the most picturesque streets in the whole of Granada: a cobbled stone road running next to the River Darro, with the magnificent Alhambra Palace towering above. A cute little bar, this is one of the most romantic wine bars in Granada. Choose to sip your vino sitting outside on the terrace, inside in the brick-clad wine cellar or by the window overlooking the river.

Address: Puente Espinosa, 15

The wine bars in Granada have great selection of wine, white, red and even rosé! So worth exploring!
If you only try red wine in Spain, you’re missing out! There are some incredible whites, too.

4. Bodegas Castañeda

Located close to the atmospheric Plaza Nueva, Bodegas Castañeda is a traditional tavern decorated with ornate columns, intricate ceiling roses, and lamps. It’s filled with old wine barrels, bottles and legs of ham hanging above the bar. As well as an excellent wine list, they also serve delicious sangria and vermouth. Pair your drink with one of the bodega’s house specialties. You can choose from a board filled with local cheeses, hams, and cuts of chorizo.  

Address: Calle Almireceros, 1-3

You'll find fortified wines like this vermouth, paired with delicious cured meats, in many of the wine bars in Granada
Vermouth is just one of the many typical fortified wines you’ll enjoy in Granada

5. Bodegas Espadafor

Just north of the center of the city, you’ll find Bodegas Espadafor, with its pretty yellow exterior and traditional interior. Espadafor opened in 1910 and walking in is like stepping back in time. Inside are objects such as ceramic wine jars, painted tiles and large photos of the Alhambra Palace plastered across the wall. Choose your wine and they’ll pour it for you straight from the barrel.

Address: Calle Tinajilla

Want to find out more about wine bars in Granada or the best places for tapas in the city? Join us on our Tapas, Taverns & History Tour where you’ll not only get to sample typical tapas but also learn about the fascinating culture of this ancient Moorish city.

After studying in Andalusia, Jaimie made sure he was on the first possible flight back to Seville—the day after graduation! Many years later, he is fully immersed in Spain’s culinary world and has shown thousands of guests the secrets of sherry and tapas.

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