The Ultimate List of Things to Do in Granada for Foodies

Granada’s unique blend of traditional tapas bars and top-notch international cuisine have seen it become a real haven for food-lovers in recent years. Quality is king here and there are plenty of things to do in Granada for foodies.

With such a wide variety of options available in the city, deciding where to start can be a daunting task. The young, university town vibe in Granada has given rise to a new and exciting food culture. However, new does not mean exclusively modern. Modern ideas stand alongside long-standing national culinary traditions in a fascinating culinary combination. That’s why we’ve put together this list to help send you in the right direction of things to do in Granada for foodies.

Enjoy a culinary adventure in one of Spain's most beautiful cities with these things to do in Granada for foodies!

1. Try some typical Spanish produce

No visitor to Granada should miss the chance to sample some of Andalusia’s finest delicacies. When it comes to Andalusia, there are few better places to start than with a slice of sublime cured ham. Contreras Selectos (Paseo del Salón, 8) is a small, high-end boutique food store specializing in Spanish deli products and their pièce de resistance is jamón iberico de bellota—cured ham from free-range pigs fed solely on acorns—the pinnacle of Iberian charcuterie.

It’s not just ham here, though, and as far as a wide range of quality products and a welcoming atmosphere are concerned, there are few better spots in the city than Al Sur de Granada (Calle Elvira, 150). This small shop-cum-bar has one of the finest delicatessens in town. The rustic beer-barrel seating area makes for a cozy, welcoming environment. Kick back and accompany your glass of wine with a selection of gourmet products including cheese, olives, meats and fish.

Enjoying a plate of jamón ibérico is one of the most classic things to do in Granada for foodies!
Is there anything better than perfectly cured jamón ibérico? We think not!

2. Learn about the perfect cup of coffee at La Finca Coffee

Coffee lovers, prepare to be dazzled by this innovative and stylish establishment right in the heart of Granada, where, according to their Facebook page, coffee is considered an art form. Whether you just want to pop down for a coffee, or have always fancied yourself as a bit of barista, this place has it all. At La Finca Coffee, the best coffee in town is complemented by a range of events from coffee tasting to training days on the “art of the latte.” It really is a caffeine lover’s paradise and the friendly staff and modern decor add to a fantastic experience.

Address: Calle Colegio Catalino, 3

Learn about the perfect cup of coffee at La Finca Coffee. It's one of our favorite things to do in Granada for foodies!
Start your day off right with a delicious cup of café con leche!

3. Visit a local market

What is most striking about Granada’s famed food market, Mercado San Agustínis the sheer size of it. This market covers three blocks of the city center and is teeming with fresh fish, meat and fruit and veg. However, in spite of its size, the market still maintains its local neighborhood feel. What’s more, you’ll find a colorful and exciting selection of spices, a legacy of the city’s Moorish past. So, if you’re looking for things to do in Granada for foodies, this place should be near the top of the list!

Address: Plaza de San Agustín

Visit a local market in the company of one of our expert guides on our Foodie Feast & Cultural Walking Tour. You’ll get a fascinating insight into Granada’s market culture and taste some local produce along the way.

Visiting an open-air market, like the Mercado de San Agustín, is one of our favorite things to do in Granada for foodies.
We love the variety at Spanish markets!

4. Get to know your wines

Everyone knows that good food goes hand in hand with fine wine. With that in mind, you must take the chance to sample some of the finest examples available on the continent. The fermented grape has been a Spanish staple for as long as the country has been around. However, on the international wine scene, the Spanish are often considered poor relations of our French neighbors.

In recent years, though, that image is changing—and with good reason. Spain has seen itself ascend to the zenith of modern winemaking and Granada is as good a place as any to see why. Enoteca Evohé is just one of a selection of quaint bodegas in the city with a staggering selection of local wines and a well-informed proprietor who can help to pick out the best tipple for you, whatever your tastes. A wonderful evening activity if you’re looking for things to do in Granada for foodies.

Address: Calle Molinos, 3

5. Go for tapas

It would be a sin for any food-lover to come to Granada and not experience the Spanish culinary experience that is tapas. More than just some light bites accompanying a round of drinks, tapas are a central part of the nation’s social culture. Going for tapas is an essential part of any list of things to do in Granada for foodies and the possibilities for quality establishments are endless. It really is a widespread custom among granadinos and tourists alike, who are looking for a light dinner and an enjoyable night out on the town. For an idea of where to start, check out our blog on some of the city’s best eateries.

Going for tapas, without a doubt, is one of the best things to do in Granada for foodies.
Sharing a plate of tapas with friends is part of the true Spanish experience!

6. Take a cooking class

You’ve experienced the best flavors Granada has to offer, now learn to make them yourself! Granada offers many different cooking classes aimed at helping visitors learn to cook the Spanish cuisine they’ve grown to love. It’s a great way to recreate the memories of your trip at home in your own kitchen!

Not sure where to start? Try Escuela Montalbán or Javier Vílchez Cooking School. English-language classes are available and aspiring cooks of all skill levels are welcome.

7. Take a food tour

Want to take the stress out of planning your foodie activities in Granada? When looking for things to do in Granada for foodies, we at Devour Tours are here to help.

Whether you’re passionate about flamenco or want to explore the city’s hidden corners by day or at night, we have a tour for you! And not only will you enjoy exquisite food and drink on all of our tours, you’ll also go inside the complex history of Granada, and emerge understanding the culture and how the city’s past influences its cuisine. You’ll even meet the locals at the bars and restaurants who make this city unique, and get to learn their stories.

There’s no better way to experience the culinary gems the city has to offer than to sign up to one of our food tours. Our tours take visitors through the city on a fascinating adventure exploring Granada’s past and present. This is all done with its cuisine taking center stage from start to finish.

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