Eat Like a Local at the Top 5 Historical Bars in Granada

While trendy, modern tapas joints have their appeal, there’s nothing better than eating at old favorites locals have loved for decades.

After all, they must be doing something right! Some of the best historical bars in Granada are hidden in plain sight, just off the beaten path where tourists wouldn’t think to go. However, they’re constantly packed with locals, some of whom have been regulars for years. Each of our top five favorite historical bars in Granada has been open for at least 40 years. Step back into the past and experience the culinary traditions that have captivated a city for generations!

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1. Casa Julio

Julio himself opened this wildly popular tapas bar in 1947. Unlike most other historical bars in Granada, Casa Julio has never closed and reopened several years later, so it’s one of the few places in town that still follows the old legislation. It’s tiny, charming and constantly packed with locals—everything a tapas bar should be!

Be sure to order the specialty of the house, fried fish. It arrives fresh from Granada’s coast every day. From there, it’s lightly fried and cooked to perfection—not greasy, not fishy, just perfect.

Join us for dinner at Casa Julio on one of our food tours! One taste and you’ll see why this has been a favorite among granadinos for generations.

AddressCalle Hermosa, 5

Be sure to try the fried fish at Casa Julio, one of our favorite historical bars in Granada!
Piping hot, fried-to-perfection fish awaits you at Casa Julio!

2. Los Diamantes

Los Diamantes opened in 1933 as a small food shop. While the business did well, customers constantly praised their seafood. They eventually closed up shop only to reopen as a tapas bar specializing in fried fish. They’ve since opened up four new locations in the city, but the original on Calle Navas is a Granada icon.

Today, Los Diamantes is one of the most popular historical bars in Granada. It’s packed to the brim with locals on any given night, so it’s not ideal if you’re looking for a more relaxed dinner. However, if you want to enjoy the passionate, fun atmosphere Granada is famous for, there’s no place like it. Order tapas and raciones to your heart’s content!

AddressCalle Navas, 28

Los Diamantes is a local institution famous for their fried fish. It's one of the best historical bars in Granada!
Not an anchovy fan? These lightly fried boquerones will make you change your mind!

3. Chikito

Chikito opened in 1976 as the brainchild of Luis Oruezábal, whose family still runs the place. The locale formerly housed the Alameda Café, a favorite among Granada intellectuals like Federico García Lorca and Manuel de Falla. Today, it’s still popular among the rich and famous. Just ask the scores of sports legends and TV personalities who have eaten there!

This is one of the best historical bars in Granada for sampling specifically Andalusian cuisine, as it’s what they do best. Dishes like homemade pork sirloin or fava beans with ham are best enjoyed with one of their many incredible wines!

Address: Plaza del Campillo Bajo, 9

Chikito is one of our favorite historical bars in Granada and home to some amazing pork sirloin!
Lots of places have great lomo, but none are quite as good as the one at Chikito!

4. Bodegas Castañeda

Despite its location near touristy Plaza Nueva, Bodegas Castañeda has managed to retain its authentic, local charm. Open since 1936 during the tumultuous Spanish Civil War, it’s home to spectacular paella and one of the best tortilla de patatas in town.

One thing that makes Bodegas Castañeda stand out among other historical bars in Granada is their unique homemade wine. Known as caliscas, it’s a mix of vermouth, gin, rum, soda and spices. Not for the faint of heart!

Address: Calle Almicereros, 1 

One of the most popular historical bars in Granada is Bodegas Castañeda, home to one of the best tortillas de patatas in the city!
It doesn’t get much better (or simpler) than a tortilla de patatas.

5. Bar Aliatar

One of the most classic historical bars in Granada is Bar Aliatar, a local favorite since 1947. Their specialty is homemade sandwiches, and their hot dogs are especially unbeatable. While it may not sound like anything special, we promise just one bite will blow you away.

Be sure to show up early if you want to check this place out. Its popularity among granadinos makes it almost impossible to squeeze into! It’s become so popular that the owners have since opened a second location, but the original bar on Calle San Sebastián is where you want to go.

AddressCalle San Sebastián, 4

When visiting one of the historical bars in Granada, drink like a local with Alhambra beer!
Be sure to wash everything down with an ice cold local Alhambra beer!

Get your fill of history on our Tapas, Taverns & History Tour! You’ll spend the evening on a tapas crawl across several of the most incredible historic bars in Granada. In addition to eating fantastic food at authentic, family-run hidden gems, you’ll take a peek into Granada’s fascinating past and learned how it shaped the city’s unique culture today. 

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