Pack Your Bags! Our 5 Favorite Day Trips From Granada

The Alhambra is surely a must for every guest in Granada, but what about going the extra mile?

If you are determined to make the most of your stay in Granada, you don’t want to miss these five recommendations we have for you. Embark on one of the following day trips from Granada and enjoy an experience that you will treasure forever!

1. Guadix

Considered one of the oldest settlements in the whole country, the contrasting lands of Guadix have earned a position on our podium. It takes a little under an hour to get to Guadix from Granada. Once there, you can enjoy the typical paseo, or promenade, through its historical center. Visit the Moorish fortress that has been safeguarding the city for more than ten centuries and the breathtaking cathedral.

Guadix is famous for its cave houses, traditional houses which were built into the clay soil. They make up the largest inhabited cave settlement in Europe! Don’t miss the opportunity to spend a night in one of them, or at least to pay them a visit!

Insider’s Tip: September is an especially great time to visit Guadix, since you will have the chance to take part in El Cascamorras, a festival declared to be of International Tourist Interest in Spain. But make sure not to wear your Sunday best for the occasion as a lot of paint gets thrown around!

2. Las Alpujarras

Shortly after being defeated by the Catholic Monarchs in the 15th century, part of Granada’s Moorish population headed to north Africa, and the rest took up residence the mountain villages of Las Alpujarras. The legacy from these days remains and the Moorish influence in Las Alpujarras is palpable.

Head to Las Alpujarras on one of our favorite day trips from Granada! Enjoy a plate of the famed ham from Trevélez (one of Granada’s most typical foods!), chill out in the health resort of Lanjarón with the purest water from Sierra Nevada springs and discover why the hidden paradise of Pampaneira has become so popular among locals recently. All this just 70 kilometers (43 miles) from Granada’s city center!

Pampaneira village was made following the shape of the mountain, so it is full of slopes and terraces with awesome views of the Poqueira Valley. This beautiful village in Las Alpujarras is one of our favorite day trips from Granada.
Beautiful, steep streets in Pampaneira, in the Poqueira Valley. Photo credit: Oliver Clarke

3. Montefrío

Want to find the perfect place to taste top-quality local products? Come to Montefrío to enjoy delicious goat cheese, amazing olive oil, sausages and the popular bollos (small, sweet rolls). You’re also sure to fall in love with one of the top ten panoramic views in the world according to National Geographic.

Want to try more of Granada’s regional cuisine? Join us on a food tour! Not only will we introduce you to the best that this part of Spain has to offer, you’ll also learn about the history and culture of the area.

While in Montefrío, dare to climb the hill to the Iglesia de la Villa and learn more about the historical battles between Moors and Christians that took place here, at the border between both kingdoms. You can find direct buses to Montefrío for less than 10€. Get there in an hour and a half and dive into history!

Montefrio is one of the best day trips from Granada
Montefrío’s National Geographic-acclaimed lookout. Photo Credit: Spencer Means

4. The coast and Sierra Nevada

Granadinos are always boasting about their hometown—how could they not? Since the weather here is usually warm and tropical, you can enjoy a day at the beach in December or stay cool while soaking up the sun in the high peaks of Sierra Nevada during the summer. If you have a car, you can even visit both in the same day! Out of peak season, the road to Sierra Nevada takes you directly there in about 45 minutes from the city center. If, on the other hand, you want to chase the sun and the sea, you can be eating fried fish in Salobreña or Almuñecar in less than an hour too!

Feel like coming to the beach? We recommend you to go either to Almuñecar or Salobreña, two of our favorite day trips from Granada. And of course, eat "pescaíto frito" (fried fish), the specialty here!
Granada’s beautiful coastal town, Almuñecar

5. Úbeda and Baeza

This trip involves leaving Granada and visiting nearby Jaén, but the distance between these Renaissance jewels and your home base in Granada will only be about 140 kilometers, under two hours by car. We recommend that you make this a weekend escape in order to get the most of your visit to these two beautiful cities. Peaceful surroundings, gorgeous Renaissance churches and a charming medieval feel are what you can expect from your journey to Úbeda and Baeza, one of the most popular day trips from Granada among locals.

We love these day trips from Granada, but you have to spend some time in the city too! Get to know Granada by joining us on our Ultimate Granada Tapas Tour. On this tour, culture and history meet genuine bars and the best tapas around! We would love to introduce you to the magic of Granada!

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