Where to Find the Best Views of Granada

Granada is beautiful from any angle you look at it!

In this day and age, lots of travelers seek out the best views of a city in order to capture the perfect photo they’ll treasure forever. At the same time, there are still plenty of people who head to these magnificent viewpoints to simply appreciate the view in the moment. We see the value in both, especially when you’re in a city as stunning as Granada! Here’s where to find the best views of Granada that you won’t soon forget.

Whether you're seeking out great travel photography spots or just want to experience one of Spain's most beautiful destinations, be sure to check out this list of the best views of Granada. See the Alhambra, Albayzín and so much more at their most beautiful! #Granada #travelgoals #destinations #bucketlist #views

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The Alhambra

Let’s start things off with a classic. The Alhambra is many things: fortress, palace, gardens and so much more. It’s also home to some of the best views of Granada. You’ve got the classic postcard shot of the Albayzín from the Nasrid Palaces. Then, there are the jaw-dropping cityscapes from the top of the Torre de la Vela in the Alcazaba. The latter gives you 360° views of not just the Albayzín, but the historic city center and the Sierra Nevada mountains as well. Come to the Alhambra for the fascinating history and gorgeous architecture; stay for the unforgettable views.

One of the best views of Granada is a classic: the Albayzín as seen from the Alhambra.
The view of the Albayzín from the Alhambra is popular for good reason. It looks almost magical!

Miradores in the Albayzín neighborhood

Looking for an excellent view of the Alhambra itself? We’ve got you covered. Make your way up the steep cobblestone streets winding between the whitewashed houses in the Albayzín. Along the way, you’ll find plenty of unforgettable views of the Alhambra from miradores (viewing areas), terraces and more. The most popular, the Mirador de San Nicolás, isn’t quite the city’s best-kept secret anymore and can get quite crowded. We recommend heading to a lesser-known point, such as the Mirador de San Cristóbal, for equally amazing views with a fraction of the crowds. If you get hungry, grab a bite to eat at one of the many incredible restaurants in the Albayzín, many of which also share one of the best views of Granada!

Find some of the best views of Granada at the many miradores in the Albayzín. We especially love this view of the Alhambra at sunset!
The sunset views of the Alhambra from the Albayzín are unbeatable!


Its flamenco venues may be on the touristy side, but the storied Roma quarter of Sacromonte is still worth a visit—especially if you’re seeking out the best views of Granada. It’s a steep walk up, but not unpleasantly so. When you arrive, you’ll be rewarded with picture-perfect views of Granada at your feet. To catch the absolute best views, make your way to the hill above the Sacromonte Caves Museum (Barranco de los Negros, s/n), where you can watch evening blanket the Albayzín at sunset.

Some of the best views of Granada can be enjoyed in the historic Sacromonte district.
Beautiful natural landscapes and the Alhambra take center stage at Sacromonte’s beautiful miradores. Photo credit: Andersen Pecorone

Mirador de San Miguel Alto

Don’t mind a bit of a hike? We promise the views from Mirador de San Miguel Alto are totally worth it. As the highest point in the city, there’s no doubt that it also offers the best views of Granada. This sacred spot is the destination of a holy pilgrimage that leaves the Albayzín every September, and locals consider it sacred. The calm, tranquil atmosphere coupled with the outstanding panoramic views of the city and surrounding mountains make this a must for visitors looking to get off the beaten path.

Some of the best views of Granada—like this one from San Miguel Alto—look even better at night!
Granada looks even more magical at night—this shot of the city from San Miguel Alto is proof of that! Photo credit: Gregorio Puga Bailón

Mirador de Granada

Rounding out our lineup of the best views of Granada is a small, nondescript viewing point you might come across on your way up to the Alhambra. Granada’s tourism board refers to this spot, located near the parking lot along Avenida Santa María de la Alhambra, as the “Mirador de Granada.” It’s a relatively quiet, low-key place where you can get some of the best views of the city and its gorgeous natural surroundings. It’s an especially convenient option if you’re exploring Granada by car. As a bonus, it’s right next to Casa Paco (Avenida Santa María de la Alhambra, 5) where you can enjoy equally stunning views from the terrace along with a home-cooked meal or drinks!

After enjoying some of the best views in Granada, you might be hungry. (Some of these involve a lot of walking, after all!) Join us in the evening on our Tapas, Taverns & History Tour to get your fill of both fascinating history and delicious food! This two-in-one experience will give you all the context you need to appreciate Granada’s incredible history while nourishing you with delicious local bites along the way. We hope you’re hungry!

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