Family-Friendly Granada: The Top Things To Do In Granada With Kids

Granada's Science Park is first on our list of things to do in Granada with kids, and for good reason! Check out that amazing BioDome!

Granada is a magical city. The winding streets, the fascinating mix of cultures throughout history, the secrets that the city holds… Try telling that to your children, though—we’re not sure they’ll be all that impressed! Instead, show them the magic of the city through activities that are tailored to them. There are many wonderful things to do […]

Pack Your Bags! Our 5 Favorite Day Trips From Granada

Montefrio is one of the best day trips from Granada

The Alhambra is surely a must for every guest in Granada, but what about going the extra mile? If you are determined to make the most of your stay in Granada, you don’t want to miss these five recommendations we have for you. Embark on one of the following day trips from Granada and enjoy an experience that you […]

Top 10 Things to See in Granada: The Essential Experience

Granada is a gem of southern Spain. Make sure to visit it if get the chance, and explore all its best sights with our top 10 things to see in Granada!

If you want to get to know southern Spain, Granada is a city that you cannot miss. Granada encompasses all the best of Andalusia: vibrant colors, both beach and mountains, friendly people and amazing food—of course. However, Granada is also different from every other city in the south. Granada was the last holdout during the […]

Top 10 Must-Try Typical Foods in Granada

Check our list of the typical food in Granada that you must try on any visit to the city!

Granada, Spain’s Moorish jewel, has been a melting pot of gastronomic influences throughout the years. It’s the perfect place to taste history! Granada was the longest-lasting Muslim territory on the Iberian Peninsula. While Christian troops reconquered other territories starting around the year 720, Granada remained under Moorish rule until 1492—more than 800 years in total! Needless […]